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     The Wise Women Prosper℠ movement is so powerful that, this year, we will host not one, but two events: a Summer event in June and a Fall event in September. We promise you that this is not your typical conference. It's a movement that was specifically and intentionally created for women destined and determined to live purpose-filled lives. Last year, nearly 100 women converged on the city of Atlanta to experience the very first Wise Women Prosper℠ conference, and what a beautiful beginning it was! And hosting two events this year has only proven that the movement is getting bigger and better.

     The theme for this year is "Maximum Impact." As such, we have carefully outlined a plethora of activities and speakers whose real-life experiences will encourage, equip, and empower all in attendance to be the wise women they were intended to be...not merely titles, but women who can apply wisdom, build relationships, and take the next steps as they go forth in the continual pursuit of destiny. We look forward to seeing you!

Empowered women empower women.
A 2018 Highlight

Wise Women Prosper℠ Visionary & Host, Alonia Jones; Wise Women Prosper℠ Awardees: Schlonda McCarthan, Bunnie Jackson Ransom, and Tamra Simmons; and Keynote Luncheon Speaker, Alfreda Stukes.


“No matter where you are in life,

inspire the women around you.
Success is never reached alone.

And wisdom and wealth

are sweeter shared.”
                                   ~ Latham Thomas

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